CMJC Rebrands to Christian Men's Life Skills

Mike Lowe

Christian Men's Job Corps, now Christian Men’s Life Skills has an amazing story. It is a story of obedience, dedication, and steadfastness.

In 2005, Dave Weekly, now a director Emeritus, was tasked with creating a ministry that could lead men in a positive direction and potentially change their lives. Since that early calling, the ministry has indeed, not only changed the lives of many men, but also their families and communities.

Dave was led to an organization called The Christian Men’s Job Corps, whose mission was to improve men’s lives with training in various areas of their lives.  It was clear to him that the core values and principles of this organization, when followed faithfully, could help men to overcome the negative issues and influences in their lives which often lead to mistakes, loss and regret.

Soon after, Dave established the first board of directors of The Christian Men’s Job Corps of Kerr County. This board then convened the first class of 10 men.  Biblical principles and life skills from God's word became the basis of all class curriculums. The ministry saw changed hearts and therefore changed men.  Participants became better husbands, better fathers, and better citizens.

In 2014, Director, Tom Jones, took a bold step. He brought the opportunity to the Kerr County judicial system of sending court mandated individuals to participate in Christian Men’s Job Corps classes as part of their probation.  Since that time, Tom’s vision for reaching more men with the program has resulted in the ministry serving over 319 participants! Part of Tom’s anointing is to develop genuine relationships with participants based on trust and faith. 

In September of 2023, acknowledging that at the core of its mission CMJC is centered on Life Skills teaching rather than job skills, the CMJC board of directors prayerfully decided a name change was needed to better describe the ministry’s main attribute. The name was officially changed to—Christian Men's Life Skills.

Over these last 18 years, in lean and in plenty, God who is faithful, continues to bless the ministry in a measure that is poured out and overflowing. 

The Christian Men’s Life Skills ministry and its board, continue to covet your prayers and thank you for your continued support.

Mike Lowe
Board President