Christian Men's Life Skills

Christian Men's Life Skills

As iron sharpens iron, so shall one man sharpen another.
Proverbs 27:17
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Work that Matters

Classes are Mon, Tues, and Thursday, from 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Since its beginning in 2005, The Christian Men's Life Skills (formerly Christian Men’s Job Corps) program has conducted classes carefully tailored to provide essential training for men who need a fresh start in life.

This program provides a community of Christian role models and instructors who use Biblically based curriculum to instruct, encourage and equip men to make lasting change for themselves, their families, and communities.

Christian Men's Life Skills is comprised of an 8-week program that satisfies court-mandated training programs such as LTIP, Anger Management, and Parenting Classes. There is an additional 2-weeks that can be taken to receive a certificate of completion and a graduation ring. 

What We Teach

CMLS endeavors to provide instruction for the entire man, from faith and finances to family life and life skills.
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Life Principles

The CMLS teaches life principles directly styled from Christ’s teachings. This instruction helps men make productive life choices at work, home and in the community. Our complicated world takes many skills for success, and our program is authored to develop functional and productive strategies for men.

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Anger Management

Our 8 week program includes both the Life Training Institute Program and an Anger Management course that satisfies court requirements. Our program is donor-supported so there is NO FEE to enroll. We help men understand their anger, establish control over it, and reduce its harmful effect on their lives and those around them. 

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Work Ethics

The CMLS Program engages accomplished business, pastoral and community leaders who exhibit the skill sets to instruct men on how to excel in their career fields. We strive to develop men of status, ethics and integrity—men that that can positively affect others and improve the next generations of their families.

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Finance and Family

Men enrolled in the CMLS Program learn finance management as well as Parenting Skills. CMLS works closely with the CPS to satisfy parenting class requirements and to assist men in navigating CPS related cases. Lasting change comes when the whole man is able to make the necessary changes. When it comes to finances, working hard is only part of success, managing earnings is the other.

Results for Men and Families of Kerr County

Our momentum continues to build to strengthen men, solidify their faith and families, and transform our community.
36 Classes Graduated
380 Alumni Graduates
18 Years in Kerr County