At the Heart of Christian Men's Life Skills

CMLS has served hundreds of class members and alumni over the years.
The ministry is blessed with a dedicated network of mentors and supporters.

CMLS has served to help change men’s lives for over two decades.

Christian Men's Life Skills (formerly Christian Men’s Job Corps) was formally established in May 2004. What began as a small men’s help ministry has grown into a fully established men’s ministry endorsed by the courts and the community and fully supported by donations.

It is a model across the state and is known to have programs that make lasting and meaningful changes in men, their families and the community. The ministry has future plans to expand the program offerings to other counties.

Founding Board members Dave Weekley, Bill Blackburn, Mike Lowe, Nick Ramos, Pat Patillo, Andy Sanchez, John Miller and Ken O’Neal began a work that has become a true light in the darkness in the Hill Country offering the hope that we have in Christ. Several of these men still serve this vital 501(c)(3) ministry.

Tom Jones With Wife

Leading with compassion and integrity.

Tom Jones was called to serve the Christian Men's Life Skills Ministry as Executive Director in May of 2005.

“It has been a God inspired call and a journey God has placed me and my family on. Understanding that He qualifies the called is a true testimonial statement in my life. Just like many of God’s children, I enjoyed serving on my terms with my understanding of how things should come to be. “

Tom states that even after achieving an extensive education and earning numerous titles, he is just a mere vessel to be used as God directs. He is the author of our faith and uses us to do His will.

“At CMJC, we have seen true evidence of His direction as to how He would have us serve through this ministry. God has grown each of our leadership in this ministry to teach according to His will. As Director, I just enjoy being in His presence as men grow,” Tom says.

Volunteers whose hearts are to see men succeed.

We are thankful for volunteers whose heart’s desire is to see men succeed.

Christian Men's Life Skills is made possible due to wonderful, dedicated volunteers who assist with every aspect of our program such as teaching, encouraging, and sharing valuable business and life insights. If you have a prayerful desire to share professional or business skills, and want to make a real difference in the lives of men in our community, please contact us.

CMLS Leadership

Mike Lowe


John Hewitt

Vice President / Treasurer

Ann Darnell


Tom Jones

Executive Director

Ross Rommel


Pablo Brinkman


Nick Ramos


Luke Smith


Mark Haufler


Mike Graxiola


Dave Weekly

Director Emeritus

Billy Gene Smith

Director Emeritus (Deceased)